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20th June 2019


Talented but Challenging: Working with Difficult Relationships In Sport

The second in the series of workshops 'Talented but Challenging' is taking place on 24th July 2019 at 19 Wilson Patten.

Talented but Challenging; Working with Difficult Relationships in Sport

Relationships in any domain are crucial to our wellbeing and performance. This workshop will explore some key relationship dynamics between athletes and staff, to help us to better understand some of the drivers that are often behind problematic help-seeking behaviours, poor emotional management, splitting between staff and high levels of anxiety/perfectionism. Through the foundations of attachment theory, this workshop will provide you with applied strategies that allow us to work with and effectively manage these often challenging dynamics.

The aims of this workshop are;

  • Enhanced understanding of how we relate to others, the world and ourselves through our attachment styles.
  • Exploring implications for applied practice.

Please follow the link for further details and parking information;





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