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8th August 2019


Talented but Challenging: Performing in high-pressure environments

The third in the series of workshops 'Talented but Challenging' is taking place on 18th September 2019 at 19 Wilson Patten.

Talented but Challenging: Performing in high-pressure environments

The various pressures in the sporting environment will have a significant impact on our performance and wellbeing. This workshop will begin by exploring sources of pressure, and how they impact on individuals, teams and systems. It will also look at how our past experiences can impact upon our ability to function in a high performance environment. You will leave with a greater understanding of how and why performers may behave and perform differently when they experience threat, the impact of being exposed to high threat or toxic stress over time, and how threat can permeate entire teams or systems. Through the foundations of trauma systems therapy, this workshop will explore applied strategies for individuals, teams and systems, supporting us to work with and effectively manage the high demands and pressures that often exist within high performance environments.

Workshop Aims:
• Understanding how past experiences of threat will impact views and behaviours of both individual and teams
• Explore current pressures in sport and their impact on performance and wellbeing in individuals, and teams within a performance system.

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