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We recognise the pressures and demands facing those working in high performance environments or on a performance pathway, and understand that talent alone is not enough to ensure sustainable high performance.


Frequently, such pressures and demands can result in behaviours that are challenging to make sense of or effectively manage, and may over time impact on performance, team functioning and individual wellbeing.

Through our experience of applying specialist psychological knowledge, we believe we can increase awareness and change behaviours to both enhance wellbeing and sustain high performance, whilst limiting the risks of performance breakdown.

We aim to apply psychological knowledge and theory more flexibly and effectively, having a meaningful impact with people in everyday life, enabling them to Perform Well and embrace opportunities to explore where they can get to.


Common themes that we work with:

  • Individual and team performance
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Leadership development
  • People engagement
  • Relationships
  • Shared understanding
  • Complexity and complex dynamics
  • Maximising strengths or resources
  • Transitions or change management

What We Offer

Elephant spotting
Mental health
Talent identification
Culture development
Personality profiling

Elephant spotting

A powerful methodology and framework that helps to generate shared understanding and allows us to collectively embrace complexity.

Often, we find simplistic or ‘easy’ answers to complex questions in performance systems. We crave clarity and certainty on the solutions to complex problems or challenges. Whilst recognising those things are important, without a true appreciation of and willingness to explore the complexity of performance systems, they are not enough.

In a busy and demanding world, with an expectation to execute at speed and to work to ever tightening deadlines, elephant spotting enables leaders and teams to ‘protect space’ and embrace complexity. The resultant shared understanding gives us a chance to recognise the true nature of what we are dealing with by ‘spotting the elephant’, identify any barriers to success, and prompt more coordinated solutions and impactful interventions.


Mental health

Helping make mental health and wellbeing ‘everyone’s business’.

Mental health is a core component of a culture of excellence and is a major resource in helping organisations achieve great things, sustainably. High performance systems have the potential to nourish or malnourish people’s mental health and wellbeing.

It is important that all participants better understand their needs, look after themselves, and support each other more effectively in the context of high performance. We help organisations develop mental health awareness as an essential part of a broader pro-active mental health strategy, both promoting positive wellbeing and preventing longer-term mental distress.

This is then complemented by an effective support system that can manage mental health difficulties in the context of high performance and appropriately respond to acute needs or a ‘mental health crisis’.


Talent identification

Talent (people) identification, development, and retention: Helping to develop your people to continue to meet the organisational needs of tomorrow.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” (Heraclitus)

We work with our customers to identify and attract those individuals whose characteristics and behaviours enable them to Perform Well in their performance systems. We continue to work with them to understand how to develop these individuals, in a way that is rewarding to both, to better meet the organisation’s needs of tomorrow.


Culture development

Identifying, communicating, and developing your organisation’s vision, values, and behaviours.

Organisations are dynamic systems and there is always a story to be told or understood. Significant transitions or change are a regular part of this evolving story and can sometimes overwhelm systems and leave leaders not knowing where to begin.

We seek to understand an organisation’s individual story, identity, and their unique culture, helping them to communicate their vision and values across the whole organisation. We identify the changes necessary to create a desired cultural shift and agree the observable behaviours that are likely to help them achieve their shared goals.


Personality profiling

Helping individuals and teams to better understand their ways of relating to others and how they cope when there is something to be won or lost.

We use both Insights Discovery and Spotlight profiling tools, administered and interpreted by highly qualified practitioner psychologists, to help individuals and teams better understand themselves and to develop a greater appreciation and tolerance of difference when working with others.

In particular, we help people to understand how they and others cope when there is something to win or lose, and learn to manage the pressures of working in high performance settings more effectively.



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Our Framework

Investing in People, Sustaining Performance

The Performing Well framework embraces the complexity of organisations by investing in people and using their strengths to both support wellbeing and enhance performance.

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Trusted Statement

Our core clinical and high performance services are provided by highly qualified Practitioner Psychologists, educated to Master’s or Doctoral level, who are registered to practice through the Health and Care Professions Council, and chartered by the British Psychological Society.

We work closely with local authorities to promote the safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults at all times. All our staff are enhanced DBS cleared.

We draw on expertise from within the fields of Clinical, Counselling, Forensic, and Sport and Performance Psychology.

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